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Investing in Poland does not have to be difficult. Drawing from our experience in cooperation with foreign entities, we strive to help you put your ideas into practice. If you are already running a business and wondering whether to enter new markets, we hope that the information presented below will encourage you to start cooperation with us. Are Special Economic Zones the answer to the question about whether to invest in Poland?

What is SEZ?

A Special Economic Zone (abbreviated as „SEZ”) is an administrative area in Poland designated for investments for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs as Polish law enables foreigners to run business in Poland. Specific tax exemptions are available for investments pursued within a selected Special Economic Zone in Poland. Such incentive is intended to attract investors, including foreign businesses. One of the possibilities is to locate investments on dedicated areas which are equipped with appropriate infrastructure. Tax exemptions or tax reliefs are granted once a special permit has been issued by the Manager of the Special Economic Zone.

​In June 2018 the Act on supporting new investments came into force following numerous requests from investors for changes in regulations on the operation of Special Economic Zones. The new regulations provide for more possibilities to operate business on preferential terms. From now on, it is possible to invest in Poland and enjoy tax exemptions not only in SEZs but also throughout the entire country. In other words, the entire country has become a Special Economic Zone.

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Every single day, we strive to earn the trust of our clients. We are proud and very grateful that some of our clients have been cooperating with us for over ten years. We believe that professional legal assistance is essential to a smart business strategy. The scope and type of legal services must correspond to the needs and capabilities of the entrepreneur. But whatever the case may be, prevention is always better than making up for losses resulting from lack of knowledge or time to introduce preventive measures

The ever-increasing requirements resulting from the ubiquitous bureaucracy and progressive regulation of the ways and forms of conducting business activity can only be met by lawyers specializing in specific fields who are committed to professional development.

Professional lawyers from MAJCHRZAK BRANDT I WSPÓLNICY is the ultimate choice in terms of legal assistance and consulting in all matters concerning your business. Fluent command of foreign languages and cooperation with foreign legal advisors is what helps us support our clients in relations with entities from other countries and on foreign markets.

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