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Access to transport infrastructure

Efficient transport system in the vicinity of the new plant is another aspect to be considered. It is not only about the availability of expressways or motorways, but also about the distance from larger cities which may constitute a source of employment. The motorway and expressway network in Poland is improving significantly every year. Consequently, the time needed to reach major Polish cities or partners from abroad is becoming shorter and shorter. If your business in Poland consists in selling products and transporting them, your business plan should undoubtedly take the above into account. Other means of transport, including railways, are also important for your investment in Poland. Running a business in medium-sized Polish cities located several dozen kilometres from agglomerations is an interesting option, enabling the investor to access employees both from the area where the plant is located and from the nearest agglomeration. In this case the railway may turn out to be one of the basic means of transport for employees. Given its speed, convenience and relatively low prices, it is an increasingly popular form of commuting to work. Therefore the above is worth considering at the point of purchasing real estate.


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