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Drafting an investment offer

Preparation of a business plan, establishment of a business enterprise, decision to purchase real estate and exploration of the labour market constitute essential elements in the implementation of an investment in Poland. Businesses in Poland may enjoy various types of investment incentives provided for by Polish law, including in particular income tax reliefs and real estate tax exemptions. To be eligible, it is not enough to open a new enterprise in Poland and start running a business. First of all, economic activity in Poland must be thought through and implemented in stages. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with professionals who will show you how your investment in Poland can translate into greater benefits.

In order to take advantage of an investment incentive such as income tax exemption or real estate tax exemption, it is necessary to submit an investment offer to the Special Economic Zone. Without knowing the details of the planned investment it will be impossible to prepare a good offer. Therefore, close cooperation between the client and our law firm is imperative. Extensive experience in introducing foreign investors to Special Economic Zones enabled us to develop effective solutions. Consider doing business in Poland and enjoying tax exemptions.

Each offer we prepare is tailored to the type of investment and to the specific conditions of a particular SEZ. We analyse whether a given investment may benefit from income tax or real estate tax exemptions within the SEZ. Contact us for detailed information.


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