Support foreign investors to develop business in Poland.

tax advisory services and accounting in Poland

We provide tax advice and accounting which is specific to business in Special Economic Zones.

Tax advisory services

Customised and comprehensive tax advice is the key to taking full advantage of Special Economic Zones. We offer the assistance of experienced tax advisors who show entrepreneurs how to take full advantage of tax optimization opportunities in the Special Economic Zone. In case of doubts as to the meaning of regulations, we provide assistance in interpreting tax law. The services we provide include in particular drawing up tax opinions and representing clients in proceedings before tax authorities, provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. We are also committed to educating our clients in terms of tax regulations. Doing business within a SEZ is not easy, but knowing the fundamentals will help you understand the mechanisms behind Special Economic Zones. Mind you, Special Economic Zones are not open to any kind of business. Thus, not all income earned by the investor may be eligible for tax exemption. Professional tax support will help your investment succeed.


We provide comprehensive accounting services

Legal requirements are complicated and undergo frequent changes, which requires exceptional commitment on the part of accountants. Our team of experts swiftly reacts to changes in legislation. We also support our clients in the area of bookkeeping. We provide accounting services for business which settle tax liabilities under general principles of law or pay flat tax. Our specialized team also provides assistance to entities operating within Special Economic Zones.  We also prepare annual financial statements and VAT, CIT and PIT tax returns required by law.

Doing business in Poland with the support of experienced accounting specialists may turn out to be much easier. See how we can help you. Go to the accounting office’s website and contact us if you have any questions.


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